Filmmaker. Storyteller. Photographer.


It's always weird to talk about yourself, but here it goes.  I am a husband, a father of  two crazy energetic boys and capturing life around me has always happened. Growing up my family was always creating, whether that was in music, photography and all art, so as a kid  in a small midwest town, art was always cheap, available and what you made of it.  Creating is just something that I loved to do. It was a natural transition that has grown over that last 20 years from a camera on trips around the world to helping others capture their own stories and amazing moments. 

After visiting over 15 countries and experiencing many cultures, I started seeing things differently, it not only gave me a different world view but also a different creative view. Now, with over a decade of design and creative arts experience, the worlds stories need to be told, through your business experience, personal testimonies of breakthrough and sometimes vulnerability is the best way to capture peoples hearts and inspire them. 


Bringing your story to life by testimonials from your clients and video production that engages is such an amazing way to connect with your current and potential audience. I work with non-profit organizations, Gyms, restaurants, Baseball teams, Colleges, Hospitals and Universities all over the world telling their unique and impactfull stories.

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